Enter 2017-Sanctuary

Art Originals on Canvas & Prints~kate@katelangloisart.com

Vigilance~Kate painting between the worlds-Photo by Jaya Bhat

Sanctuary~Earth Mother, home to ALL regardless of race, gender, class, age…

Solid Ground~Painting for Immigrants everywhere


Radiance~Claiming Essence

Reciprocity~Honoring what we Receive, Conscious to what we Give in return

The Peace Keepers-Building Bridges



The first images for this exploration came in towards the end of 2016, laying the path for moving into my next cycle.

When we move more fully in to our own self, our unique essence lights up our world. 

As a white woman, I am educating up as to my privileges and how I can build bridges to my world family in better ways through paint and in action

I invite you to join me for creative community, both in person and online to paint & explore the unique & extraordinary expression of  YOU!

 Move into wonder & inquiry with some initial ponderings:

What is working really well for you right now?

How are you embodying/inhabiting your structure of Self?

What parts of your core foundation need shoring up to withstand the bumps & turbulence this world dishes out?

What are some old belief patterns that can be rearranged  & upcycled?

What tools do you have to move from & return to a calm center?

How is your sovereign-self aligned with what you are most passionate about in the world?

What action will you take?



Many Rivers #waterislife


All art ©2017 Kate Langlois


Singing her Song

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