On the Edge of Returning


I’m on the edge of becoming more of my true self. Maybe you are too?  Lately though, I see it is really more of a returning. Returning to the essence of who I am here to truly be.  As more of this full expression of myself is revealed, I understand it has been with me all along.

How do we turn up our Essence Frequency?

As children, too often our parents, teachers or peers were critical, or judgmental of us. Or perhaps we felt we had to dim our light of our uniqueness to to be safe or to fit in. Sometimes it is from experiencing abuse or neglect or lack of support or stable foundation in our lives. From these or other scenarios and by no fault of our own, our frequency, the expansive vibration of our essence began to contract. The full stream potential of our light gets shut down to a mere trickle. Those who study human behaviors say this is a survival tactic, stemming from our ancient brain, when we lived in tribes and always on the look out for predators that may try and take us out! It wasn’t safe to be our full blown essence.

But that was then and this is now. Now you get to choose to stay small or re-member who you are here to be!

What if  YOU could take one step towards embodying your true ESSENCE right now?

Intentional Creativity™ is a tool that enables us to take that step. It is a powerful method that self empowers, helping us identify our destination and gain the momentum to cross over from the old to the new, from the past to the future. It is about attuning to mindfulness, listening to our intuition and creating powerful image that holds the space for our intention for healing ourselves.

The adaptability of Intentional Creativity is that it lends itself to any part of your life needed. So is the case of this becoming, this process of returning gently back to our true self. Self Compassion is a wonderful healing salve to bring to all those parts your inner critic tells you you’re not doing enough, not keeping it all together. What if you treated your own self as with your most beloved person or pet? Inviting love and acceptance to replace disappointment and judgement about ourselves, with inquiry to your life situation, you get to explore through creativity, ways to shift and transform. Instead of waiting until things settle down, it’s helpful to create using this method in the midst of it all. This process supports and informs us as we move through our painting providing insight into our life situations.

Loving yourself is healing the world~Jaymie Gerard

What do you do when life it ‘too much’? Whether or not you’re conscious of it, there is an ebb and flow in our lives. Times of ease and times of crisis. When it seems we can’t catch a break from all that life presents to us,  trying to keep it all together we tend to feel less than adequate. Nourishing ourselves with self compassion helps us be gentle with ourselves, instead of mentally beating ourselves up. With our heart and mind filled up with this loving way of holding space for ourselves, we’re also enabled to give back to others, holding space for them in a more sustainable way. Self Compassion nourishes our ability to bring compassion to others.

As a Color of Woman Teacher I use this my own processes combined with Intentional Creativity ™ in my teachings to help you connect with and crank up the volume on your own inner knowings & navigate through whatever life hands you.

Creating art with inquiry & intention grants us entry into the deep quiet within your own heart, allowing you to receive potent messages of guidance and support

Join me in coming months for classes both in person & Online.

Until next time!



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  1. goldenhealer
    Apr 14, 2016 @ 17:58:20

    Kate, this is beautifully written and along the same lines that I have been thinking and processing. Thank you for being your unique essence.


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