Kate’s images in acrylic and mixed media are rooted in love and social justice, expressing a deep listening to the interconnection of life’s inner and outer landscapes. Kate’s passion for creativity grew from a deep connection to the natural world in her homelands of Vermont and inspired by her artist mother. She remains an active Creative in the occupied Ramaytush Ohlone lands of San Francisco, California. As an empathic teacher of Intentional Creativity, Kate’s favorite teachings include hand-crafted books to house unique Portrait Narratives in paint and word. With mindfulness and intuitive painting, this playful process becomes a potent balm for discovery, self-empowerment, healing and transformations.



All Art by Kate Langlois  © 2022

Photo Credit: Jaya Bhat

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow Kate,your work sounds so wonderful. I love all of the different modalities that you tap into and how your ways of ‘seeing’ are informed by the ancient ones. Brava to you as you honor the Divine Feminine and guide others, informed by Her wisdom and your painting processes, so that they too can re-member and re-awaken the Divine Feminine in themselves. The world so needs your work and your paintings now, more than ever! Blessings to you, Valentina Alexandria

  2. Dear Kate,
    Your opening to creative play is very intriguing and exciting! I also find your reference to “powerful and gentle way of healing” to be an interesting avenue to learn more about. You have extensive experiences in studying art and using it to work with people, maybe, perhaps, people like me. I would love to learn more about your essence work and how this might help me to open my life more and shine.
    thank you for contributing this work to the world,

  3. Kate- your work is stunning. Im so inspired and moved. your lines are so fluid… they make the eyes flow through and into your images. my favorite is liu xia… i dont know who that is actually but i got a great feeling from it. and Fierce Love, she really is ferociously loving. I CRAVE the stories that go with each painting… I like your workshop page, I learned to list my themes from you- thank you so much for that, I think it will be very helpful as I step into promoting workshops in 2016. .. and I couldnt subscribe because theres a requirement for a zip code, while i have a ‘postal’ code. KISSES, Kate.

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