Intentional Creativity & Red Thread & the Muse

Red Thread 

The Red Thread is a symbol of our connection to one another. That no matter where you are you are truly not alone. Whatever life events you are moving through, you can tug on that virtual red thread and reach out for support.  Traditions of the red thread have shown up in cultures around the world throughout time. One legend says that those of us who are meant to meet have been connected since before birth by this invisible red thread.

Our heart emits an unseen reciprocal energy connected to our thoughts. Scientific studies by Heartmath and others, demonstrate that by shifting our thought patterns to love and peace, we are able to raise our heart vibration. This heart energy then resonates out to all beings in our earth family as well as to our planet. I see the red thread as a symbol not only of our connection to one another, but also a symbol of our energetic hearts.


Intentional Creativity 

Intentional Creativity is a Movement founded by Shiloh Sophia McCloud. Within this movement, Certified Teachers and Coaches use a combination of mindfulness, intuition and image together with intention. These images are used for facilitating personal healing and impactful transformation through workshops or with one on one instruction.

Personal images created using Intentional Creativity hold space for whatever is brought to the canvas or paper. Often it is whatever we are most conscious to.  Layered into the foundation are placed words of intention, similar to planting seeds to start a shift of the way our stories are held within us. Through the creative process, new information begins to come through. As we continue to listen, gathering information,  we begin to remap our path, our stories. As the mind is intent on the movement of the brush with paint on the canvas, that which is in the subconscious related to the intention, begins to come through. This new information shows up as new thoughts, feelings, a sense of ‘knowing’ or as symbols that the artist translates into the painting, becoming keys that resonate support and guidance.


If the Muse is a what or a who remains somewhat of a mystery. I see the Muse as a creative energy wanting to be expressed through each individual. A unique and wondrous expression that is the essence of each person. One way to imagine this is to think of a seed for a flower, food or plant. Each seed contains the full information for that particular thing all bundled up in its container. With sufficient nutrients and supportive enough environment, these plants unfurl, break out of their protective encasing and reach for the light. The seeds may be somewhat similar, but their journey shapes them along the way. Similarly we as humans often become separated from our Muse as we face our various life events and expectations of others. With Intentional Creativity we witness where we are, we reconnect, return to center. We once again nurture that beautiful unique essence of who we are here to express and begin to move from that space in the world.




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