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If the Muse is a what or a who remains somewhat of a mystery. I see the Muse as a creative energy wanting to be expressed through each individual. A unique and wondrous expression that is the essence of each person. One way to imagine this is to think of a seed for a flower, food or plant. Each seed contains the full information for that particular thing all bundled up in its container. With sufficient nutrients and supportive enough environment, these plants unfurl, break out of their protective encasing and reach for the light. The seeds may be somewhat similar, but their journey shapes them along the way. Similarly we as humans often become separated from our Muse as we face our various life events and expectations of others. With Intentional Creativity we witness where we are, we reconnect, return to center. We once again nurture that beautiful unique essence of who we are here to express and begin to move from that space in the world.

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